Paper Categories


Geospatial data acquisition and management for SGDs

Spatial analysis and modeling for sustainable development

Remote sensing for monitoring and assessment

Geospatial technologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Geomatics for sustainable urban development

Participatory mapping and citizen science for SDGs

Geospatial solutions for water resource management

Geomatics for disaster risk reduction and emergency response

Geomatics in agriculture and food security


Artificial Intelligence

Building Information Modelling

Data Science

Geographic Information Systems, Science, Studies (including 3D GIS)

Geosimulation Geovisualization (Virtual and augmented reality)

Geovisual Analytics

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Photogrammetry (Unmanned aerial systems)

Remote Sensing algorithms, methods, and applications

Spatial Statistics and Modeling


Agriculture and Food Security

Atmosphere, Climate and Weather

Business and Commerce

Defense, Intelligence and National Security



Environment and Natural Resources Monitoring and Management

Hazards and Disaster Management


Land Administration and Management

National and Local Governance

Mapping and Reference Frames

Social Welfare and Development

Transportation, Infrastructure and Facilities Management

Urban, Regional and Local Planning